Evergreen Lodge

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Evergreen lodge is an eco-friendly all-inclusive lodge that is situated in the northeastern corner of Tortuguero. Surrounded by towering trees and exuberant vegetation, this lodge can only be accessed by air and water. It takes 5 minutes by boat from the main entrance of the Tortuguero National Park. Set on a 5-acre (2-ha) piece of property, this lodge blends the structures of the lodge with the natural environment. This lodge is set close to the nature that allows the guests to enjoy exploring the natural beauty of the magical area. The rustic cabins of the lodge are nestled inside the forest and those cabins were constructed without making any alteration in the existing ecosystem of the Tortuguero National Park. It made this eco-friendly lodge by keeping the rainforest green as in its perennifolio state. If you are a nature lover, you will love to spend tranquil time in the beautiful natural setting of the lodge.

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