Anamaya Yoga Resort

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Yoga Retreat Center in Costa Rica

Anamaya Yoga Resort is located in one of the world’s most exotic places. It is atop a cliff that overlooks the ocean. Nearby are waterfalls, a beautiful beach and surrounded by rainforests. The name “Anamaya” is Sanskrit for “good health”. This is the focus of the resort. This is out focus with gourmet organic food. Along with the wonderful food served there are different types of Yoga classes, luxurious spas, and various packages that include classes and workshops. All respect the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Anamaya offers their quests exciting shows that include fire dancing and circus entertainment. There are exciting local excursions and tranquil accommodations. The resort has everything to make the quest’s visit the best in Costa Rico. It makes an once in a lifetime vacation.

Nearby there are many other exciting Blue Zone© areas. A Blue Zone© area is a place that people are known to live longer and healthier. There are only five in the whole world. There is Montezuma in the southerner Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rico on the Pacific Ocean not far from where you will be staying. It is truly a magical place, the gifts of life, and secrets of longevity.

Anamaya offers many different packages, available from Saturday to Saturday. There are Yoga, Detox, Meditation, Surfing, Yoga Teacher Training, Aerial – Yoga, creative Arts, Circus and Scuba.

Anamaya yoga retreats are now running almost every week.

There are Yoga Teachers at every Yoga Retreat. There are many different Yoga Retreats including Soul Surfers Yoga and Surf Camp, Yoga & Adventure Retreat, Yoga & Rejuvenate Retreat, Yoga and ZUMBA Dance Retreat, Yoga Teacher Training with Jackie Chiodo & Cain Carroll, Yoga & Indian Dance Retreat, Yoga & Indian Dance Retreat, Flirty Girl Fitness Yoga, Pole Dancing Retreat, and Yoga Retreat with Leala Enfield & Cole Williston. Anamaya is a Yoga Resort with new actives being added on a regular basis.

Anamaya continuously run yoga retreats and the other types of retreats. They have captured the attention of retreat leaders around the world. They are unique and in a spectacular location. Next to waterfall, the 270 degree ocean, beautiful infinity pool, and we have a very inspiring team that keep our customers coming back.

Some of the newer retreats Anamaya is currently offering different types of yoga, aerial silk and other circus training, surfing, trapeze and circus skills, belly, meditation, motivation and counseling, art, creative writing, and detox and raw retreats. In addition, they are offering retreat packages to other parts of Costa Rica. They are always adding new retreats to make Anamaya Resorts the best in the world. Anamaya is recognized as one if the best resorts that Costa Rica has to offer. Contact them by phone or email to see what new retreats have been added. They are considering different retreats that would go well along with the others that they already offer.

The prices for the Retreats range from $995 to $3495 plus the cost of the hotel accommodations. This is a small price to pay for all they have to offer. It definitely would renew the Body, Soul and Mind. They have surpassed that goal with the additional entertainment and Certificate programs that can be earned as a Yoga Trainer. Along with the Yoga there are other Certificate programs. The certificate programs are the retreats that cost the most. It is a wonderful resort to visit for the other type of retreats. The Yoga and Meditation Retreats along with the exotic surroundings and nature would be relaxing and stress relieving. There is a retreat just for relieving stress. Check it out.

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