Beach Resorts in Costa Rica – The Beauty of Costa Rica’s Beaches

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Santa Teresa - Malpais Area

If you are looking for an amazing tour to Costa Rica, then the beach resorts in this part of the world can offer you some unforgettable moments. These beach resorts in Costa Rica are loaded with all the amenities that you need to make the holiday amazing. These fabulous resorts are located near to some of the best beaches in this world and often promote a soothing environment where you can relax and have fun. The tropical climate and the sandy beaches can make your touring time really pleasant.

The shoreline of Costa Rica spreads about in the region of 750 miles at its pacific as well as at the Caribbean coast. The sun, surf and sand often create a great mood to spend few hours of the day at these beaches. Some of the best beaches at Costa Rica are listed below.

Santa Rosa national Park: These beaches are located at the northwest side of Costa Rica. Here, you can find camping facility and can take a shower under cold water. You can get there by a four wheeler drive.

The Beaches in the region of Playa Samara: This place is pleasant enough and promoting some of the recently developed beaches that spread along the coast of Guanacaste.

Playa Montezuma: This is a small beach town, which is situated at Nicoya Peninsula. The beaches here have retained a perfect sense for backpackers.  

Santa Teresa: This Pacific beach town is considered as Costa Rica’s latest hotspot. This place is offering smart lodging, surf camps and several luxurious hotels.

Manuel Antonio: It’s the first ever beach in Costa Rica which has managed to receive tons of popularity. This place is also known for the mushrooming hotels and beaches full of tourists.
Punta Uva and Manzanillo: The beaches here at the eastern coast of Costa Rica often produce the real charm of Caribbean splendor.

The most amazing features of the Costa Rica vacations are popular Costa Rica beaches. Guanacaste coastline, well known as “Golden Coast,” has pristine beaches in Costa Rica. This coast has most of the beach resorts in Costa Rica, and is the popular location for the tourists. With opening of Liberia International Airport, the area is more filled with tourists every year around. There are many main beaches in Costa Rica just to south of the Guanacaste. Montezuma is at an inner rim of Gulf of Nicoya. The Costa Rica beach is the popular location for the younger foreign tourists. And Montezuma features the smaller hotels and resorts and is close to Cabo Blanco Park. Naranjo is as well the Costa Rica beach on Gulf of Nicoya all along its inner rim. The beach is been considered remote when compared to some other Costa Rica beaches, however it is not very difficult to reach to Naranjo.

Puntarenas is an old main port of Pacific. It is a main city on Pacific Coast, as well as is crowded all year round. But, still it is the most famous Costa Rica beaches. And it features the boardwalk, plenty of hotels and restaurants. It is the industrialized of Costa Rica beaches as well as has many marinas and commercial fishing operations. Southernmost part of Pacific Coast features many small and popular beach resorts in Coast Rica. This area is preserved as well as is a site of nation’s biggest national park, Corcovado. And Corcovado beach features the rain forest trips tours, sea kayaking and diving. Isla de Cano, the Indian burial ground location, is close by. Golfito is as well the Southern Pacific beach in Costa Rica and it is situated on inner rim of the Golfo Dulce. The Costa Rica beach is a home to different isolated hotels as well as lodges hidden in lush tropical rainforest. Some other vacation deals are been geared towards people who have the plan for getting hitched at Costa Rica or to go on the honeymoon to the fabulous resorts. What you need to do is in case, you plan your honeymoon at Costa Rica, then do research on internet, and find the good travel site and check out about the specials, which are offered specifically for honeymoons. Couples will hike and gaze at beautiful scenery, and relax in the spa treatment.

In Costa Rica, getting to your destination by bus is the slowest way of transportation, however you can find this to be scenic and cost less money. Also, you can rent the car to drive however you require the valid driver’s license and passport. Generally you are needed to get the rental insurance.

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