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Doubletree Inn Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country whose slogan is “Pura Vida!”, which means “Pure Life” in Spanish. The people there live a laid back lifestyle. There are wonderful landscapes in every area of the country. The population is very friendly and welcomes everyone to their country that they are so proud of. It spans 19,560 square miles. Costa Rica contains 6% of the world’s biological communities. These great biologic communities are protected by strict environmental policies. There are many ways to enjoy this country. Flying above is the best way to see just how beautiful it is. Flying above the trees exposes a part of Costa Rica that can’t be seen from the ground. Spending time on their beaches and taken in the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see. They are breath taking. There are many waterfalls in Costa Rica. Most resorts are built on property in and around the rainforests, beaches, and waterfalls.

Costa Rica contains many exotic places to visit. There are beaches along the Pacific Ocean, beautiful plants and trees, rainforests, and resort created amidst it all. You will find many National Parks in all areas of the country.

Doubletree Puntarenas

There are many Resorts in Costa Rica. The Doubletree Puntarenas located in Puntarenas, Costa Rico is a wonderful Family Resort.

The Doubletree Resort is located on the Pacific Coast in Puntarenas. This establishment is rated as a four star resort. It is located conveniently near many different attractions in Puntarenas. Puntarenas is the larges Province in Costa Rico. It is a port city on the Pacific Ocean. Included in the accommodations are meals, drinks, snacks, and other types of refreshments a guest could want. There are many activities offered for the whole family. They have a Kid’s Club for the children. Other activities include a casino, amphitheater, live shows, and beach volleyball which the kids would enjoy too. If you are interested in physical activities the resorts include 4 large swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and a fitness room. There rates run between $95 and 107.50 a night which is a great price for all they have to offer.

From Puntarenas Costa Rica it is easy to get to other locations by taking a ferry to places that are close to it. The wildlife depends on the swamps to survive. Puntarenas is a perfect place to enjoy the freshest seafood. Puntarenas Costa Rica has a beautiful old church where inexpensive theatrical plays and concerts are available in November and other times of the year.

Luna Lodge

Luna Lodge is a secluded wildlife ecolodge located in Carate, Costa Rica near the rainforest in the Corcovado National Park. There are 30 acres of tropical jungle. The guests enjoy a relaxing time amidst the plants, animals, and the many birds that are not found anywhere else in the world. It in one of the most remote regions of Central America. There are five year round amazing waterfalls. Ten minutes from the bungalows is a waterfall with a flowing chute and wading pool. At the main part of the lodge you will find a restaurant, bar, and gift shop.

The bungalows are built from tropical hardwood trees. The wooden deck is perfect for watching the stars at night or yoga in the morning. There is a wilderness lodge that guests can enjoy. This wildlife lodge has eight bungalows build over the rainforest in a rustic atmosphere. There is a yoga trainer onsite and classes are on the beach. The rates are $95 to $100 a night. A small price for all the amazing amenities that they have available to their guests.

Si Como No

The Si Como No is located in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica close to the Manuel Antonio National Park. The lodge reflects the dream of the owners to create deluxe accommodations that would help conserve nature. Hotel Si Como No is surrounded by rainforest, beaches, and rivers perfect for white water rafting. The resort and spa emphasizes environmental development. The hotel recycles restaurant bio-gradable products into their organic garden mulch. Their power comes from a power plant , a forty thousand gallon water reserve and solar panels.

The pools are located in jungle terraces with breathe taken views of the Pacific Ocean. There are many tours that can be booked. Some include ocean kayaking, horseback riding, white water rafting, and fishing tours.

The Si Como No hotel has ten terraces with rooms located in sets of four or five rooms each. They are all connected throughways surrounded by plants and wildlife. Every evening there is a special movie on in their THX private theater. In the mornings you will see many different birds, squirrels and the white faced monkeys hang from the trees. The wildlife is special to the natives of Costa Rica and you will find how amazing they can be. The prices range from $61.25 to $95.00 a night.

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