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Take a look at some of our favorite websites around Costa Rica. These are all excellent places to go for a vacation, book a tour, accommodation, etc. – Montezuma retreat center offering yoga and spanish
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Recognized by tourists for its rich rain forests and sultry seashores, Costa Rica is a home of serenity. The country has been specifically selected as #1 across the world for “happiness” in a recent survey. Costa Rica’s primary language is Spanish, even though a number of its citizens are rather bilingual. Over three-fourths of Costa Ricans are Roman Catholics and around 15% are Protestants. In the most positive side, It has already established a long-term and remarkable heritage like a pacifist state. Costa Rica is purposefully situated between Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean and between South and North America. This makes the nation accessible coming from various destinations worldwide.

The abundant tropical climate encourages visitors to explore the great outdoors and actively participate the folks, to experience the natural elegance of the around countryside, and toinvolve themselves in the energetic way of life that lets Costa Ricans to enjoy a quality life and longevity which is the envy of the world. Volcano aficionados have proclaimed Arenal the third nearly perfect volcanic cone in the world. On clear nights lava flows could be remarkable, specially when seen while soaking in a naturally-heated hot springs at one of many nearby thermal resorts. With a number of luxurious lodgings, in the Osa Peninsula & Drake Bay, which focus on your every desire, places to stay in this region offer visitors anything from the seasoned guidelines for hiking within the rainforest, to whale and dolphin watching excursions, to simply lying at the beach and soaking in direct sunlight. If you want to check out the Corcovado National Park, having an excursion guide is your best choice as the Corcovado is also the habitat of Costa Rica’s most deadly snake, the very aggressive Fer-de-lance. A pathfinder will not just prevent you from being lost, but can also enlighten you on this amazing habitat.

Indulge in a luxury Costa Rica vacation in a private rental or condominium with all the facilities of a 5 star hotel. No reason to be confined in a hotel when you are able rent a home or condo for the very same fee or just a couple of dollars far more. There are holiday rental houses situated strategically all over Costa Rica. A range of premises offer High Definition Tvs, a wraparound porch, a sky-porch, king-size beds, fitness rooms, a fully equipped bar and internet access. From the veranda you may observe the colorful Toucans and wild birds, pay attention to the monkeys actively enjoying around the trees and look out for the Macaws.

You can begin with a thrilling sail to a remote bay, and continue with a snorkeling around breathtaking coral reefs to discover the wealth of Costa Rica’s marine life. Created by US scientists, who have been trying to analyze trees without touching the plant, animal and insect life on top of the limbs and trunks, canopy tours appeared as the ideal alternative. Though most people still consider that hiking is a great method to look around a rainforest, canopy trips are even better because the view they feature is usually remarkable and one also can see the nature in their natural environment. That is certainly something you can go to and rave about.

It’s no doubt that Costa Rica was named “the happiest place” on earth simply because of its most content people, great ecological footprint and the average lifespan based on the Happy Planet Index (HPI). Its pure beauty is incomparable, having abundant jungles, jungles, and volcanoes. Experience the great outdoors at its finest offering your active relatives a one-of-a-kind vacation. Whatever your hobbies, whether it is sightseeing and enjoying the spectacular nature this land offers, revelling in the wonderful water-sports or just chilling out at among Sunwing’s great resorts, Costa Rica has something to offer everyone.

SANSA covers main tourist destinations with convenient schedules, automated bookings, and experience and maintenance standards of its Cessna Grand Caravan planes. It ensures a flight from A to Z without stopping, thus your trip is faster and much more relaxing, and you do not have to waste any moment in airports. Usually there are three ferries that travel from Puntarenas to the southernmost tip of Nicoya Peninsula. In peak season, and especially around Christmas and Easter, be prepared to wait some time at the ferry queue. Every passage will need approximately one hour, and you’ve to allow a minumum of one hour for waiting in queue. If you’re not there at the least one hour early, you may find yourself waiting for another ferry boat.

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