Pacuare Jungle Lodge

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Pacuare Jungle Lodge is located within Costa Rica’s Caribbean region along the banks of the Pacuare River. Set in a 25,000-acre protected area known as Pacuare, this lodge provides a place where you can enjoy staying close to the nature as well as all the comfort or sustainability. In the entire region, Pacuare constitutes one of the most important protected areas. The area begins near the town of Siquirres and descends down the Talamancan mountain range. This lodge has the dedication to protect the natural environment and the commitment to follow sustainability such as recycling, reforestation and solar-heating. Pacuare Jungle Lodge has been recognized as being a worldwide example of sustainability and ecotourism by World Tourism Organization.


Pacuare Jungle Lodge offers a wide range of accommodations that can suit all types of vacationers. Set between the river and the Lodge’s own 740-acre (300-hectare) nature reserve, all the bungalows are eco friendly and surrounded by beautiful rainforest. In every suite you will find a private suspension that directly leads up to a platform from where you can enjoy amazing view of the rainforest and the neighboring river. Each of the suite is well furnished with a king size bed, fine 300 thread Egyptian linens and also features a sprawling stone make bathroom replete with solar heated showers, a covered terrace furnished with relaxing hammocks and sofas. In the lodge property there is a spring fed pool and a stunning view offering sundeck and an ambiance that promises complete seclusion. In all the suites there are palm-thatched roofs and hardwood teak floors. The main lodge overlooks the amazing view of the Pacuare Rive-a two story, thatched roof structure that offers plenty of open-air spaces. The lodge features a stylish and well-appointed Canopy Honeymoon Suite. In the ground floor you will find the restaurant that serves three delicious, gourmet meals that are prepared with fresh products. In the upper level you will find a spacious lounge/bar area that is furnished with wicker sofa chairs, board games, and plenty of colorful flowers.

Tours and Amenities:

activitiesIf you want to enjoy staying close to the nature as well as want to enjoy different types of adventure activities, you can stay at this Pacuare Lodge. The surrounding area is just like a paradise with its impressive line-up of activities for savoring the Caribbean’s untamed natural energy. You can enjoy an array of activities such as hiking along the labyrinth jungle paths, enjoy spotting different species of wildlife at the thrill including primordial forest and also rafting on the Pacuare River. You can enjoy swimming in Lodge swimming pool or can enjoy massage therapy given by experts. These therapies will make you feel relaxed, de-stressed and refreshed and relaxed. An exciting assortment of optional tours are also organized by the lodge. These tours include a Pacuare River canopy tour, an adventure river tour in a striking riparian setting, a daylong activity tour, a tour of the tropical canyon and the thoughtful One  World Expedition “Plant a Tree” activity.


Pacuare Lodge – Costa RicaToll free from US & Canada: 1-800-963-1195
Toll free from UK: 0800-051-6420
Costa Rica: +506 4033-0060
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