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Located along the shores of Lake Arenal, Rancho Margot is a family-owned sustainable tourism lodge. This lodge is close to some the rivers and streams flowing through the property and right at the foothills of the Children Eternal Rain Forest, one of Costa Rica’s most famous conservation projects. Owner of this lodge, the Sostheim family is working hard to develop the awareness of sustainable living and self-sufficient tourism projects in Costa Rica. surrounded by a verdant rainforest landscape, nestled on the Lake Arsenal shores and the beautiful Cano Negro River Valley, this lodge is also known for its educational, wellness focused and adventure recreational activities.


In Rancho Margot there are 17 deluxe bungalows set among the green hills. Each of the bungalow is designed with handcrafted furniture made with eco-friendly materials. All the bungalows are featured with private bath, two queen beds or a single queen bed and a couple of single and relaxing hammocks. There are private terraces from where you can enjoy neat vistas of the pristine natural surroundings. You can also enjoy listening to the calls of howler monkeys, which are frequent visitors to the property. This lodge also provides dormitory type bunk house ideally designed for the budget conscious travelers and backpackers. The bunk house basic and minimalist in its appeal yet radiates a comfortable and clean aura and featured with shared bathrooms, 5 showers, 5 toilets and a shared meeting space. Rancho Margot, spanning more than 400 acres, also features on site nature trails, medicinal plant gardens, two natural rock pools that are fed with pure spring waters and an outdoor playground replete with swings, slides and a teeter-totter.


Daily Yoga & Meditation:

women practicing yogaRancho Margot eco lodge have an open air pavilion where yoga classes are held twice daily and those classes are offered free of charge. While staying at this lodge, you can join these yoga classes and enjoy doing yoga workouts in absolute harmony with the natural environment. At the time of practicing yoga you will also enjoy the amazing view of the lush rainforest valleys beneath the shadow of Arenal Volcano. In this spacious area upto 30 people can do yoga comfortably. At this eco-lodge, sometimes health and wellness groups host retreats. This lodge also features a large deck out over the lake and surrounding countryside.

Other Activities:

If you want to get involved in building the community of Rancho Margot, you can work as a volunteer and will be rewarded with free stays at the retreat. People who want to work as a volunteer, they are required to bring their contribution for a month and to be experienced in yoga, agriculture, customer service, marketing, cooking, and construction or in household activities.

While staying at this eco-lodge whether as a guest or as a volunteer, you will notice that learning is at the top of all activities in Rancho Margot. A project named “Rancho Margot’s Eco-Literacy Student Learning” is run by the lodge and that project focuses on discovering the wildlife of the rain forest, on organic agriculture and reforestation, on recycling, and on cooking fresh healthy meals. If you are interested in learning Spanish language, you will get the opportunity to join the Spanish language classes. This lodge also offers a full range of educational programs and nature workshops for all ages.

In the surrounding area of the lodge, you will get opportunity to enjoy a variety of fun, adventure and nature based activities. You can enjoy thrilling horseback rides to Mirador, kayaking tours on Arenal Lake, exciting wildlife night treks in the surroundings jungle. You can also enjoy day trips to attractions in the vicinity and a tour of its sustainable ranch.

This lodge also have a complete Healing Center nestled in the middle of an isolated patch over a small brook. In that center you can enjoy massage treatments and bracing Reiki sessions.

Restaurant and Bar:

barRancho Restaurant offers buffet-style meals and available for the guests of the lodge as well as for the visitors. All the meals are prepared with fresh vegetables and fruits that are harvested by hand and this lodge also all dairy products and butcher meats all within walking distance of the restaurant kitchen. The restaurant always try to reduce waste and serves upwards of 15,000 meals a month.

At the evening many guests gather in the wooden booths of the Rancho Margot’s well-stocked bar. You will enjoy drinks in the cozy environment of the bar and get opportunity to make conversation as well as enjoy dancing. In this bar you will find fresh cocktails, beer and wine, as well as fresh fruit smoothies.


Rancho Margot

Telephone:  (+506) 8302-7318
Facsimilie:  (+506) 2233-0334
Skype: ranchomargot
Website: http://ranchomargot.com/
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ranchomargot
Twitter:  www.twitter.com/ranchomargot


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