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Located about 65 km east of San Jose, Rancho Naturalista is considered as one of the finest birding lodges in Central America. You will have to take a 2 to 2,5 hour drive along paved roads through some rural parts of the country passing by coffee and  sugarcane plantations to reach the lodge. People who want to enjoy escaping from the tropical heat of the lowlands, they can choose this all-inclusive resort to enjoy a memorable vacation. The location of the resort allows its guests to enjoy birding trips into the adjacent lowlands, middle elevations, and highlands. More than 450 species of birds have been recorded in the resort’s private forest reserve and within the local area. This place is absolutely perfect getaway for birders, photographers, and naturalists.


accommodationIn Rancho Naturalista you will find a large communal balcony upstairs and 4 comfortable cabins. One of those cabins is a ‘casita’ including a kitchen and a living room. You will also find some rooms that are ideally designed for guides and drivers.

Most of the rooms overlooks amazing views of forest and volcanoes. The main lodge feature a spacious living area with free Wi-Fi connection. This lodge provides all the facilities and amenities that a birding lodge offers.

Room #1: Sunbittern:

This room is set on the second floor in the lodge. This spacious room is featured with private deck with a feeder. It is quite large and overlooks amazing views. This room is equipped with one queen bed and a single daybed.

Room #2: Cotinga:

This room is equipped with one queen bed. It is an upper level room with french doors that open right onto the balcony from where you can enjoy watching the hummingbird feeders as well as the amazing view of the surrounding area.

Room #4 Snowcap:

Equipped with a king sized bed this room is set at the far end of the upstairs balcony in the lodge. This lovely and quiet room has french doors that open onto the balcony that overlooks amazing view of the surrounding area.

Room #5: Xenops:

Tucked away downstairs in the main lodge, it is a small private room. It features one queen bed and keeps a cool green feeling. This room overlooks amazing view of the surrounding area.

Room #6: Tanager:

Set close to the main lodge, this is in a little cabin and featured with a queen bed and also a single bed. This room can be adjacent to the room #7 for those who want to stay at this hotel with family.

Room #7: Motmot:

Set close to the main lodge, this room is also in a little cabin and features a large bay window, one queen size bed. It can be attached to the room#6 for families.

Room #8: Aracari:

This room has lots of space and also ideal for families and group of friends to share. Set close to the main lodge, this room is featured with 2 queen beds and a single bed. There is a lush private garden just off the porch of this cabin.

Room #9: Toucan:

People who want to enjoy a family getaway or a memorable vacation with a group of friends and need lots of space, they can stay at this room. This large room is set close to the main lodge and feature two queen size beds and a single bed. This room offers privacy and has a lush private garden just off the porch.

Room #10: Jacamar:

This room is set in the forest away from the main lodge. Located in a cabin, this large room is quiet and private and featured with 2 Queen beds. It will make the guests feel they are right there in the rain forest.

Room #11: Honeycreeper:

Just like the room 10, this room is also set in a cabin and set in the forest away from the main lodge. This large room is quiet and private and featured with two queen size beds. People who want to visit the light at night, they will find this room perfect as it is set close to the insect light.

There are also more 4 room to choose from and enjoy a comfortable stay.

Bird Watching Tour:

The lodge verandas are great place for watching different species of hummingbirds. Snowcap along with the Black-crested Coquette, theViolet-headed hummingbird and possibly the Garden Emerald is also  a frequent visitor you will see. You can go for a bird watching tour early in the morning at sunrise and return to the lodge for taking breakfast and then again head out on the trails in the private forest reserve to look for mixed species flocks. After taking a relaxing “siesta” later around 3:00 pm  you can head  into the forest, you can also enjoy afternoon birding tour.

Other Activities:

While staying at the Rancho Naturalista, you will get opportunity to enjoy plenty of non-birding activities. You can go for white water rafting tour, canyoning and zip lining, hiking tour, sugar mill tour, and golden bean coffee tour. You can also learn dancing, painting, cooking, Spanish language and Zumba dancing. You can also enjoy Hyperbaric Oxygen Session, Massage therapies, swimming in the mountain stream or swimming pool.


1 km este de Tuis de Turrialba
Tayutic, Cartago, Costa Rica
Phone: (011 506) 2554 8100
Website: http://ranchonaturalista.net/Default.html
Email: info@ranchonaturalista.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RanchoNaturalista?v=wall
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RanchoNatural

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